Our unique, 10 stage renovation package has been described as ‘miraculous,’ costing less than a quarter of the price of re-turfing and with far more benefits that will continue throughout the existence of the lawn. Leaving you with the perfect grass species for the use and environment of the lawn.

Stage 1: The whole lawn will be aerated, removing thousands of cores from the lawn – improving air flow, absorption of water and reducing compaction which will ensure the new roots (from reseeding) have freedom of movement in the soil layer and can therefore establish. This stage will continue to have major benefits to your lawn in coming lawn in coming years including deterring fungus and promoting root development.

Stage 2: A full scarification will remove the dead grass and thatch from the lawn’s surface. One pass will be done over the whole lawn and the problematic/dead/scorched areas will be scarified several times with the debris removed each time until we reach the soil level in those areas.

Stage 3: All debris is collected and taken from the lawn and to a composting site – nothing will go to landfill and if requested, the debris added to your own compost heap.

Stage 4: A bespoke grass seed will be applied at 50g/sqm. If the lawn then gets rainfall or is watered a few times over the following week or two, germination will be quick due to our seed coating. The mixture has 50% Tetraploid content (most mixes only have 25% – 30% Tetraploids). They root deeper, resist drought better and are really strong against disease.

Stage 5: We then top dress the seed with 100% guaranteed, weed-free, nutrient rich top-dressing, which surpasses the pas100 standard. This will encourage germination and the top-dressing technique (as opposed to the quicker, mixing-in with the seed prior to application), will protect your seed from scorching and disturbance from birds – the birds always cause some disturbance but are less interested in seed they cannot see due to the top dress.

Stage 6: A bespoke pre-germination fertiliser with time-released Nitrogen is applied; to give you 6-8 weeks continual feeding and Magnesium for colour and Calcium for disease resistance. It also contains seaweed for root development and leaf tillering, as well as Humates for soil structure and beneficial soil organism benefits!

Stage 7: OUR AQUA-FLOW WETTING TREATMENT! This is the pièce de résistance of our renovation package. It is, fundamantally, a gel, which congeals to the top 10cm of the soil layer. Any rainfall or minimal watering done after this treatment will be 5 times as effective! – essential in our continually drier climate. This treatment will ensure a constantly damp area in the rootzone – ideal for seed germination. A follow-up treatment of AQUA-FLOW is applied 8 weeks later to ensure the lawn continues to thrive despite any dry weather.

Stage 8: 1st Germination visit. Approximately 14 days after the renovation, we will visit your lawn to monitor progress, provide mowing advice and any other advice to help it along.

Stage 9: 2nd Germination visit: Another AQUA-FLOW treatment, as in stage 7, approximately 8 weeks after renovation.

Stage 10: 3rd Germination visit: A weed and feed treatment, tailored to your lawn’s progress, forecasted weather in your area and weed spectrum is finally applied.

Ready to find out more?

You can call 0800 612 5567 to discuss this package and arrange a visit from a qualified Greenkeeper, who can confirm whether or not it is necessary for your lawn. Alternatively, you can click the “contact us” button to arrange a call back.

Aftercare advice

If your lawn has recently been renovated, it’s essential that you follow our aftercare advice. Click on the button to read the advice and for any further information please call us on 0800 612 5567.