Brown, dry Lawn?

We have the answer!

The Aqua-flow Lawn Hydration Treatment is a simple, one-off treatment that will cure drought-stress by moving the water from the surface of your lawn, to the roots – where it is needed!

Why it is needed

During dry periods, the soil of your lawn becomes hydro-phobic, meaning it repels water! This means that, even if you water your lawn regularly, little-to-no water will penetrate the root zone, resulting in a drier and therefore, browner lawn.

What is included

As part of the Aqua-flow Lawn Hydration Treatment, our Greenkeeper will prepare your lawn for the treatment. After this, he will spray the liquid treatment all over your lawn. The Greenkeeper will then water your lawn. Advice on aftercare will be given to you or posted through your door. In the meantime, the Aqua-flow Lawn Hydration Treatment is working hard to remove the waxy coating that is making your lawn hydrophobic and then suspending itself throughout the topsoil area to transport water and morning due to the root zone.


Step 1



Step 2

Application of AQUA-FLOW Lawn Hydration Treatment

dog on lawn

Step 3

Product must be watered-in to be effective. Further after care advice is given on the day of treatment.

Next Steps…

To arrange an AQUA-FLOW Lawn hydration treatment for your lawn, or to find out whether it is appropriate – click the button to send a message to one of our experienced Greenkeepers.