Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I see results?

Just 2-3 weeks from the date of the first treatment! Within 10 days, you will see the leaf of each weed has browned at the tip, which means it has died at the root. These will disappear in your usual mowing routine. A few days after that, you will see a quick improvement in the lawns colour and thickness.

I think my lawn is beyond saving, should I just re-turf it and then contact Nutrilawn to maintain it?

No. Contact Nutrilawn first. Very few lawns are beyond saving. We’ll analyse your lawn for free and tell you whether it’s worth re-laying or how quickly we can get it back on track! Time and time again, customers are amazed at how quickly Nutrilawn can transform a lawn into something to be proud of for a far more cost-effective price than re-turfing.

In fact, in our experience, an established lawn responds quicker than a recently-laid one – re-laying brings it’s own problems and if you put a new lawn into the same environment, it will develop the same problems over time.

When is the best time to start? Should I wait until Spring/Summer?

The best time to start is now! Throughout the year, we address the issues common to that season so there is never a bad time to start, nor a more effective time to start.

For example, if you start in Winter we have the opportunity to deal with any moss issues whereas if you had waited until Spring you would have to wait for months until the moss problem is cared for as part of your usual programme or pay for an additional treatment to deal with moss control. During Autumn/Winter, we also harden the roots ready for a quick recovery in Spring.

Is it safe for children and pets?

Yes. Since we mostly treat domestic lawns, we ensure all of the products we use are child-friendly and pet-friendly. However, we recommend that you keep everyone of the lawn for 2 hours after treatment to allow the products to dry. This prevents them from being walked into house, which could cause staining.

Animals that eat weeds (i.e. guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits etc…) must not be allowed to graze the treatment area. We recommend fencing off some of your lawn for the animals and we’ll make a note to not treat that area.

Lawn Treatment looks like an expensive service – why does it cost so little?

For two main reasons: 1). Our pricing works off the assumption that we are/will be treating many lawns in the same area – this keeps fuel costs down. 2). Because we carry-out hundreds of treatments per year, we’re able to buy the most expensive products (many of which cannot be purchased without a license) at a discounted, bulk-price.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Using Nutrilawn is safer and less expensive. Off-the-shelf products may, at first appear cheaper but note how often they must be used to achieve the same results. Our polymer-coated fertilisers are high concentration and time-released over 8-10 weeks, at which point, we return to feed the lawn again with an adjusted formulation. Effectively, your lawn is being spoon-fed with the correct fertiliser every day of the growing season but you only pay for the four visits.

Your Nutrilawn Greenkeeper will know exactly which Fertiliser to use to produce the best results for your grass and soil type in current weather conditions.  Many people purchase “off-the-shelf” products, apply them to their lawn, only to find that their neighbour is paying less to use Nutrilawn with more effective results.

This is without taking into account the cost of buying the different weedkillers needed for the different weeds in your lawn. The cost could be on you and your family’s health too – as NPTC certified greenkeepers, we’re well aware of the dangers and long-term health implications of breathing-in pesticides while applying them.

Keeping half-full bottles of weed killer in your garage could be slowly poisoning the air you and your family breathe and could cause devastating effects if they got into your children’s hands.

Should I just ask my Gardener to do it?

Most of our customers have Gardeners and many Gardeners recommend us to their customers. This has proved to be an excellent partnership, which often turns out to be less-expensive for the customer, while producing superior results.

This is because, although many gardeners understand the principles behind Lawn Treatment, they find they’re unable to get hold of the products we use, do not have the qualifications and licenses necessary to apply the products safely, legally and effectively, do not have access to the specialised machinery we use and are sometimes unable to keep ahead of developments in the turf-care industry.

Who will be treating my lawn and do they know their stuff?

An NPTC Certified Greenkeeper with a minimum of 8 years experience will be treating your lawn. Feel free to put them to the test next time they visit – ask a few questions about the lawn.

We understand that many Lawn Treatment companies use “operatives” who can have as little as 1 days training but this is not the case with us. In order to achieve our tailored approach it’s essential that our Greenkeepers are experienced and trained to a high standard, which is why we have many customers reporting that their lawns are greener and healthier than their neighbours who use some other (usually franchise-based) Lawn Treatment company.

Will I be bound by a contract?

No. Our customer retention is based purely on their satisfaction. In the rare case that the results don’t exceed your expectations, a phone call, email or even a quick text message up to 24 hours before the scheduled treatment date will suffice to cancel the service. However, we know you’ll be more than happy with your greener, healthier, weed-free lawn.

It’s difficult for me to be home during the week for treatments, do I need to book time off work?

All we need is access to your lawn. After treatment an invoice is usually posted along with recommendations and a description of the treatment carried out. Payment can be sorted another time by bank-transfer, cheque or through this website.

However, if you’d rather the treatment be done while you’re there, we can schedule it for a time that suits you.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay the Greenkeeper who treats your lawn by cash or cheque on the day, send a cheque through the post or pay online by bank-transfer. You can also request a simple standing order form and we’ll split your yearly treatment cost into monthly payments.

Do I have to water-in the treatments after application?

No. The morning-dew is sufficient to activate the timed-release coatings that allow the products to work. During dry periods however, we always recommend watering your lawn for 2 minutes daily after the sun has gone down.

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