Do you believe there is Knotweed on your property?

You must act quickly in order to protect others and yourself. UK laws stipulate that if a landowner has Knotweed growing on his/her property they should take every effort to control it's spread onto neighbouring property. Otherwise, they will be held responsible for any encroachment including a possible £5000 or imprisonment of up to 2 years if you allow contaminated soil or plant material from any waste to transfer to the wild.

Don't panic

If you can demonstrate that you are doing everything in your ability to manage the infestation, you are covered. The first step is to undergo a specialist survey of the Knotweed priced at £120 (incl. VAT) and redeemable against the price of the eradication as and when it is carried-out.

After the survey, we will provide you with documentation including identification of the Knotweed, photographs, a detailed account of our findings along with a Knotweed management plan. With this document, you can provide proof that you are doing everything within your power to deal with the problem.

Next Steps

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An adviser will guide you towards the most cost-effective way of eliminating the problem as quickly and as safely as possible.


Construction, Commercial & Property Developers

Problems include:

Reduced land Values

Refused lending

Delays new builds

Damages hard standings

Controlled waste


Home Owners & Residential

Problems include:

Reduced property values

You could be prosecuted

Easily Spread

Fast Growing (up to 10cm per day)


Customer Care

Existing Customers:

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